Look the Right Way During Vaca!


If you know me you know it is NO secret that I LOVE to vacation. My husband and I will vacation any time of the year, at any place, and at every opportunity. We never miss a chance to escape our small town and live like kings and queens for a week. If you say lets go on vacation, just know our bags are probably already packed and to count us in!

During vacation I like to look my BEST! Why??? Well duh!  There will be a lot of pictures, a lot of fancy dinners, a lot of day dates, and a date night pretty much every night. SO of course I want to look good for not only my hot hubs but for the camera too. After all, the pictures will be plastered all over social media for everyone and their mother to see. BUT here is the catch, how do you look your best when WAY over half of your closet is at home. You are limited on your time because no one wants to spend 2 to 3 hours a day during vacation getting ready, and all activities include sight seeing, playing in the water, and soaking up the rays!?!?!?! How do you get that perfect Pinterest, camera ready, I woke up like this look that doesn’t take forever! I am about to give you a few tricks that I have learned over my many travel experiences that help you feel and look your best!



You want to spend time before your vacation preparing, this will help you cut the “getting pretty” time in half!

  • Take a trip to the salon two-three weeks before your vacation and have your hair trimmed and any color you need to be added, this is not the time to try anything new. You want to make your appointment a few weeks out just in case the cut is a little shorter than you like or if you are like me, it takes my face sometime to adjust to a new cut and added color!
  • Treat yourself to a beautiful spray tan the day before you leave. If you are leaving for vacation Friday morning get sprayed Thursday evening! This will allow the tan the time it needs to develop while you sleep Thursday night and will be fresh for the entire week to come.
  • Whiten your teeth the week before. Nothing makes a picture perfect picture quit like a pretty smile.
  • Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure a few days prior to taking off. Make sure to pick a neutral color that can blend with all out fit choices such as, white, nude, black, grey, or a light pink.
  • Eye Brows, Eye Brows, Eye Brows….. get your eye brows waxed, and tinted. This will show off your beautiful brows by giving them a fresh, cleaned up shape right before your trip. The tint will allow your brows to look fuller while adding a pop of color. This step will not only enhance your eyes but it will give you a made up look during times that you are not so made up!
  • Get eyelash extensions, this will keep you from spending time on mascara, and save you the trouble of your mascara running if you get wet, or too hot. This will also enhance your eyes and will give you a made up look during times that you are not so made up!
  • PLAN!!!! plan your outfits! look up the weather forecast a few days before and plan for the temperature. Keep in mind the activities you have planned, and the activities you have discussed. Do NOT pack quickly take your time and plan so you will feel like you not only have everything you need but you will feel satisfied and beautiful in your outfit choices.

Tips For Your Trip:

Lets talk day makeup first! During the day you do not want to have on a full face of makeup, it is just simply to heavy, The Jersey Shore days have come and gone and lets keep them there. Stick with a more natural look. Use things like:

  • BB creams
  • Tinted moisturizers
  • Water Proof Under Eye Concealer
  • Tinted Chap stick
  • Nude or light pink lip stains
  • If you are one to like a little more of the made up look, pop on a color lip stain and blush!

At night I stick to my normal makeup routine, I am comfortable with it and it makes me feel beautiful. This is not the time to try a new makeup look or a new color, stick to what you know and what makes you feel confident. Remember where you are! DO NOT wear a deep burgundy fall lip in the middle of summer at the Bahamas it just does not fit! Make your makeup work your pictures, and match your vaca get away!

Moving on to Sexy Vaca Hair! Yes we want sexy hair during our vacation but we need to remember healthy hair is sexy hair! SO lets protect our gorgeous locks at the same time we make them look irresistible!

During the day go with a natural look, let your hair hang in its natural curl, wave, or straight pattern. If it is just simply to hot to let it blow in the wind!!! Try a high pony tail, or braid it back. Protect your hair by adding coconut oil, almond oil or leave in conditioner. Spray it with a heat protection spray.

At night do whatever you like! There is no limits, just be cautious of your time! The more time spent in front of the mirror less time you have outside of your hotel room to enjoy adventure, food, and fine wine! I always carry dry shampoo with me, it gets me through every vacation! It always saves a lot of time and adds a lot of volume! Just remember the same way you want your makeup to compliment your amazing vaca get away you want your hair to do the same! The goal is to look great while you feel great!

I Scream you Scream we all Scream for the Perfect Outfit! Well really ice cream but we want our outfits to look fitting while eating that cone of ice cream. Have you ever been on vacation enjoying a cone of ice cream and look over and there sits a woman in the perfect ice cream eating attire and you think to yourself who dressed you, Pinterest themselves!? The secret to this adorable look no matter what your doing during your vacation is to stop and think. Take the extra 5 minutes to throw on fresh clothes, prepare for the day, the night, or the activity.

  • Dress your AGE! all ages have a fine line between sexy and you look like your wearing your little sisters clothes. No matter if your 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70 dress your age but dress on the sexier side of your age. Never stop pursuing feeling wonderful.
  • Classy is better than flashy. Wear whatever it is you like but if you want too look classy, stick in the neutral color family, solids instead of patterns, and keep the jewelry look up to date.
  • Dress for the weather. No one looks sillier than being dressed completely opposite of the weather outside. If its 90 degrees dress like its 90 degrees if its 60 dress like its 60 degrees.
  • As I have referred to many of times in this post Pinterest is the best place to find outfit ideas

Blythe’s 2 Cents!

No matter what your budget, what stage of life you are in, and what is going on at home, you deserve a vacation of some sort. You can have a super nice, expensive week long vacation in another country, you can take a weekend or day trip to the beach, or simply take a few days off of work relaxing at the community pool and eating dinner with friends. We are hard working women and life is about balance. You deserve to treat yourself to a vacation of your choosing and you deserve to feel beautiful while relaxing!

Thank you for reading! Come read again! Be Bold, Be Beautiful and Be Inspired MUCH LOVE ❤ 

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