The Start of the Blog

Hi, welcome to my blog site ! I am Blythe

I know many of you are thinking what is this? What can I get from here? Why did Blythe choose to start this blog?? or what the heck is going on ? I am going to take this time to explain to all of you what my site is all about and why I decided to start it up!

My friends like to refer to me as “prissy” and I use to take offense to it but over the years I have learned to embrace it as apart of me. I love makeup, I love clothes, I love hair, and I love all things pink and gold! Over the past several years social media has blown up with tricks, tips, and tutorials for women to learn different makeup applications, hair styles, fashion, recipes, and DIY projects. BUT lets be honest !!! Who really has time to do a 2 hour makeup job in the morning before work when you have a sick child, a cranky husband, a dog that needs to be let out, and its 7:30 and you need to be clocked in by 8:15, OH ! and do not forget you will need to add that 45 minute hair style to go along with the makeup job to make you look fabulous. It is just NOT realistic. Social media has made so many unrealistic standards for the everyday average hard working woman of America and these standards are just flat out NOT do able or reachable bottom line.

Does this mean I am knocking on the amazing bloggers who do amazing beauty and fashion tutorials absolutely NOT! Does this mean I am saying to the everyday average hard working woman “sucks for you, you will just have to look less than your best” absolutely NOT!  So what am I saying? Glad you asked!

I designed this blog to provide tips, tricks, advice, and inspiration to all you wonderful, beautiful, but busy women out there! I will share some of my own personal tricks I have been doing for years, I will discover new tricks and share them with you ladies, basically I will do all the side work to have us hard working women looking and feeling our best everyday with the little time gap we have to get ready with!

Other things to expect from the blog

I will be doing and discussing everyday looks, special occasion looks, night out looks, vacation looks, skin care, products, treatments, home projects, anything that is requested for topic, and sometimes I will simply be sharing my heart with you fine ladies. I know we all go through similar things and sometimes we just need to know we are not alone!

Thank you for reading!!!!!!! Be bold, be beautiful, and be inspired. MUCH LOVE ❤

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