When is Less Best ?

Everyone knows the saying “less is best”, however that little over used saying is not ALWAYS true. So, when is less best and when is it better to layer the makeup, add some bold colors, and take the extra time on the eye shadow look ???

When is it Best to be Less? 

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Less is always best during the day. Day dates, going to work, mom day outings, church,shopping, sporting events, hiking, if the sun is out let the face breath and let your makeup be less. During the day you want to look natural, clean, even toned, classy, and simple but well put together. When you wear heavy makeup during the day, the sun light can over exaggerate certain shades and tones leaving your make up looking uneven and appearing heavier than what it really is.

Why is it Best to be Less?

Your day time makeup look is almost always worn longer than your night time look, which is another good reason why less is best. Makeup over long periods of time can start to not look as beautiful as it did when it was first applied. When adding multiple layers and various shades over time the makeup can appear as layered cake on your skin and though we all want to look like “a snack” these days, I do not think this is the idea behind the phrase. After long periods of time heavy makeup can also become flaky on dry skin or your skin can produce excess oils with those who have oily skin. Flaky and oily skin causes things to eventually look dual, crackly, and can cause makeup to run together. You are probably thinking, DUH Blythe they have products for that AND Of course that is why the beauty industry has come up with makeup primers and setting sprays that are wonderful and should be used no matter what look you are going for, however, wearing a less dramatic face for long periods of time ultimately has better results.

How to get a Less is Best Look but Still  Feel Made up and Beautiful???

I like to call it “the made up natural look” because lets face it your still made up for these looks the process is just a tad different. Fake it until you make it has a lot of different meanings and this is one!

The Steps, The Tricks, The Whatever Works for your Best Less Look

  • Always Prime your face, when choosing a primer choose one for your skincare and makeup needs
  • For your base use a BB Cream or CC Cream or Tinted lotion
  • Apply counselor to the needed areas AFTER your base
  • I usually skip the liquid or cream contour during my less is best look its just adding layers. If I do contour I will use a little light contouring under the eye and on the bridge of the nose during my concealing process.
  • Use a setting powder ALWAYS no matter what look you go for always set your base and concealer
  • Prime your eyelids so there is no creases in your eye shadow and use your primer as your base color
  • Use a very natural lower lid and crease color that is easily blended and goes with everything. (Lets face it we do NOT have time in the mornings to match our eyes with our outfit or lip color! AT LEAST I DON’T!)
  • Skip the eyeliner unless you are one that feels naked without it!
  • Primer for your lashes is always a must! It conditions those bad boys and helps them to grow
  • Mascara those bad boys keeping it natural but still thick and long
  • Use a nice bronze in your darker contour areas
  • Pop a natural color blush on the checks and hit the tip of your checks bones nose bridge and chin with a nice natural highlight
  • Pick a nice natural lip color and apply to your beautiful irresistible pucker uppers
  • Apply a setting spray


Now that we have covered when LESS is BEST when can we have MORE! I love a full face, full coverage, heavy contoured, I look like a Kardashian look. I think its BEAUTIFUL but its not appropriate all of the time even the beauty queen Kardashians themself know this. So when is it the most appropriate time to FULL GLAM yourself up!?!?!?

When is More Best?

If you are like me, you are thinking more is always best what do you mean? But lets put aside our preference and be honest, that is not always true eventhough there are A LOT of times being EXTRA is BEST! The best times to make sure your makeup game is on point and your full glam are during times like these: Photo shoots, girls night out, date nights, concerts, holiday parties, weddings, family and high school reunions, always night looks if you have the time, and ALWAYS special events you should always make the time.

What is Full Glam? What is the Process?

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  • Begin with a full skin care routine cleanse, mask, tone, moisturize, serum, prime
  • Apply a Full Coverage liquid foundation
  • Apply liquid or cream full face contour
  • Apply concealer in places that need extra coverage
  • BAKE IT, use your setting powder to set your base and contour leaving the powder on for a few minutes before brushing or blending the excess product in
  • Apply a full face powder contour look
  • Blend all contour
  • Add a bronzing product in needed areas
  • Add a blush of your choosing keeping in mind the season, your outfit, and your lip and eye color choice.
  • Add Highlighter to the check bones, nose bridge, cupids bow, chin, and over the eyebrows
  • Prime your eyelids to set you up for a successful shadowed look
  • Start with a natural base color over the entire lid
  • Start with a shade or two up from the natural color and apply to crease. Continue building your crease with darker shades gradually until you reach the crease density you prefer
  • Add your darker colors to your outer eyes, and under eyes
  • Go in with the pop of color of your choosing for your lower lid, under eye, and tear duck
  • Apply eyeliner of your color choice and shape choice
  • Apply mascara primer!!!
  • Apply a think layer of mascara to allow for blending
  • Apply a false set of lashes of your choosing and add another thin layer of mascara for blending
  • Apply a lip liner of your choosing
  • Apply a lip color
  • Apply a lip gloss or shine
  • Set your BEAUTIFUL face with a setting spray!

Blythe’s 2 Cents!

Remember ladies YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I highly advise a well reputable makeup primer and setting spray. I highly recommend a BB Cream, Tinted Lotion, CC Cream, and Full Coverage foundation that has amazing reviews, is good for your skin, and targets your skin type. If you are new to contouring, I advise you start with a contour kit it helps break down the shades, the different areas, you can find tutorials online with those kits, and you do not have to stress about finding multiple different products. I also advise the first few times you contour do it for practice only and not for a special event or occasion. I also highly recommend a good coverage, 2 shades lighter than your base, well reputable concealer for your face. Ladies for your Lesser Best looks they are worn more often it is your everyday makeup look invest in good products for your everyday look. Good quality products go a long way, last longer, look and feel better, and are good for your skin. REMEMBER ladies, beauty blenders and blending brushes are your BEST FRIENDS for your full glam looks!


Thank you for reading! Come read again! Be Bold, Be Beautiful, Be Inspired MUCH LOVE ❤ 


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