11 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts and Ideas


It’s February 4th and Valentine’s Day is 10 days away. If you’re anything like me you’re the worlds biggest procrastinator, scrambling for ideas, gifts, or gestures! Valentine’s Day is the day of LOVE and though we live in a busy world, we can’t forget to take time out of our week to show the one we love how much they are truly appreciated. So, in case you’re panicking, I’ve come up with a list of last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas for you!!!

1.) Couples Massage

It’s not too late to book a couples massage! There’s nothing more romantic than relaxing with aromatherapy, spa music, dim lights, and an excellent masseuse rubbing away the stress of the week all while laying beside the person you love.

2.) Date Night at Home

Cook one of your partner’s favorite meals, play some romantic music, have a nice glass of wine that pairs well with your dish, talk about each other’s week and the love you share, and finish off the night playing a game or cuddling on the couch watching the first movie you watched together as a couple.

3.) Fragrance

A nice bottle of cologne or perfume is the perfect gift for your partner. It’s simple, easily found, and it’s a great gift for those on a budget because there’s something for everyone. You could even go the extra mile and have a fragrance created for your special someone.

4.) Wallet

Everyone could use a new one! Pick out your partner’s favorite color or one that matches their most common outfits, something with lots of pockets, or maybe something smaller or larger depending on how much they have to carry around. Take a peek at the wallet they use now and pick out an upgraded version.

5.) Watch

Watches are a great gift. Get it engraved with a quote that reminds you of the one you love, or maybe the date you were married or started dating. That way, every time they look at the time, they will be reminded of you too!

6.) Game-Day Tickets

Show your special someone how much you appreciate them by buying two tickets to their favorite sporting event; one ticket for them and the other for their best bud (or you). Who wouldn’t want to cheer on their team from the stands or spend a relaxing day golfing at a local course?

7.) Dinner Out

If you and your partner spend a lot of time at home (parents I’m looking at you), this would make a great gift. Make reservations at a favorite restaurant, wear your best outfits (you know the one), and maybe pick up the check at the end of dinner.

8.) Bubble Bath

Prep a bubble bath after that sweet dinner-in. Get some essential oils or candles going, add some Epsom salt or oil to the bath water for a more relaxing experience. Grab a few glasses of champagne or their favorite beverage, and some sweets–chocolate covered strawberries are divine. You’ll both appreciate the intimacy and alone time as you take a moment to catch up after a stressful day.

9.) Memory Lane

Take your honey down memory lane by printing out some old pictures of the two of you, watch old videos, or look at your wedding album. You could even frame some of the pictures to give as a gift. There is nothing more romantic than reflecting on good times together. After all, memories and experiences are what makes the rich history of a relationship!

10.) Scavenger Hunt

This one is always fun! Leave clues around the house that lead your loved one to a surprise gift, dinner, or one of the other fun options I’ve mentioned above. This one can be as simple as cutting up a sheet of paper with quotes, riddles, or pictures and leaving them in non-conspicuous places around the house.

11.) Make a Coupon Book

Make a coupon book filled with nice gestures, acts of love, sexy time surprises, fun timeouts, and relaxing breaks! Fill the coupon book with things such as “free pass on washing the dishes tonight”, “game night”, “date night, you choose I treat.” Make enough to last the month or longer so you can keep the sweet gestures going even after Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines from me to You! 💋


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