“I was going in for a photoshoot and saw that hair and makeup were being offered and that excited me. I told her what I was looking for and I could not have gotten better results. I felt beautiful and stunning! I wanted to show it off everywhere. I felt confident!” -Sara Smith

“My makeup looked perfect. It’s harder to do someone my age because it can show your wrinkles more, but Blythe did a great job avoiding my lines, my makeup was very light and natural. It made my eyes feel so big because of how they were professionally done. I felt young and beautiful and I could not stop looking in the mirror it was perfect” – Jan Barnes

“When it comes to getting senior pictures taken, there is nothing more aggravating & stressful than having to do your own makeup… Blythe gave me a beautiful makeover by enhancing all of my natural features, all while giving me a hassle free experience! ” – Maura Stancil

“I have never had a professional makeover before but I was honored to have experienced what it feels like to be pampered by someone so kind, considerate, and encouraging! Thank you for making me feel beautiful and confident!❤️” – Shelley Watkins

“It was the biggest day of my life and I chose the best person for the job. I didn’t choose her because she was my best friend, I chose her because she is great at what she does and her heart is in what she does. When I look back on the photos from my wedding and think about how beautiful I felt, I have her to thank for that. Best friend, best makeup, best person for the job! ” – Brittany Pittman Coackley

” I decided to get my makeup done for new years this year, so I booked Blythe and it was such a treat I’ve been back I think 3 times since! She is totally professional and can match you as close to a picture you show her as your face will allow! She’s a true treasure for the Wilson makeup artist scene, But don’t just take my word for it-book her now and see! (This picture doesn’t do it justice I promise! I got SO many compliments this night at the country club I had to give her number out twice)” – Heather Todd